POP A BOTTLE! Happy Belated National Prosecco Day!

WE don’t need an excuse to pop open a bottle of prosecco – in fact, us Brits drink the most prosecco in the world. Last year, Brits consumed over a third of all prosecco produced – more than any other country in the world and equating to 112 million bottles.

To celebrate National Prosecco Day, here’s everything you need to know about the popular fizz – including how many calories per glass and how long the drink lasts unopened.

How many calories are in a glass?

According to Drink Aware, one 125ml glass of 12 per cent prosecco contains 86 calories – which is slightly higher than a chocolate digestive.

One serving is estimated to contain around 1g sugar.

How long does prosecco last unopened?

While champagne can often be left for longer, the fruity flavours of prosecco are best served fresh.

According to Prosecco Club, prosecco should be drunk no more than 24 months after being bottled and ideally within the first year.

The fizz should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from light or heat.

It’s best served chilled, so make sure you pop it in the fridge a few hours before opening.

Once opened, prosecco should last for up to three days refrigerated.

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